Linda Katehi
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Linda Katehi, 2015

Linda Katehi, 2015

About Me

From a little girl on a small island in Greece, who dreamed to escape poverty, to the Chancellor at University of California, Davis, my life has been an incredible journey. My love for math opened a window into the world of Science and Engineering, but it was the landing on the moon that gave me courage to dream and believe that everything was possible. My journey has lasted half a century and I am still searching for my Ithaka.  

I have learned a lot, enjoyed a lot and suffered even more but would not have given up this journey for anything else. With my mother's values for truth and respect instilled in my soul, my father's endurance to pain and neglect, and my family's love and protection, I was able to accomplish things that I could not even imagine. Once upon a time this would have been enough to live happily ever after; yet, not in this world. Life is like a swing in perpetual motion. One moment you reach for the sky and the next you look at the dirt under your feet.

Because of the ups and downs, my life has been enriched by every moment I lived, every experience I had, and if I had to choose again, I would have followed the same dreams, the same path, the same journey.

My life did not make me better or worse. It made me more human.  


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