Sustainability in the 4th Industrial Revolution

This blog explores early signs of a new revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It examines the internet, the cloud, robotics and multiculturalism as drivers of change. 

The changes that are foreseen coming are so fundamental that there is only one hypothesis to embrace. There is a new industrial revolution that is coming so strong, so encompassing and unforgiving that we should prepare to drive it but not be driven by it.

This blog has been developed with the goal to allow viewers to receive updated information and express their opinions freely. Contributors are encouraged to express their views with dignity and respect and be ready to defend their ideas.

Latest blog posts:

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Our Voices - Women in #STEM

“Our Voices,” a resource for women in STEM in academia, seeks to develop a stronger advocacy network to celebrate our diverse experiences, share our stories, offer advice, provide support and advocacy with the ultimate goal of empowering and teaching the next generation of female students, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and community leaders. We welcome you to our community and invite you to join our interactive database, share feedback, and contribute to our collective effort of building a strong and supportive network.


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